Four Elements of Communication

Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking

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When actively listening, The person feels respected and is more likely to share their thoughts with us.Top three tips for listening are paying attention, be respectful, and show you are listening. Look a the speaking directly, watch his/her body language. You don't want to be distracted by your environment. A tool that may help you is an hearing aid
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Writing skills are important as listening, did you know a war almost broke out because someone decided you misspell a message that was miss interrupted. Good writing skills reflects on the writer and the company as well. Skills to help you improve your writing skills would be getting to the point, you don't want to spin them in circles to get to your point. Writing and revising your work is a must. Tools for writing: writing utensils and paper.
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reading is something best learned by doing. Read a lot, try and understand words in there context. Sometimes we learnt to read one type of genre but reading multiple different types of genre can be good for you and your vocabulary.
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Speaking has lots to do with reading. Reading and learning language skills and vocabulary. Speaking also depends on your audience you must use words they will understand you want them to know what you saying. Keeping eye contact is also very important you don't want to be speaking and looking at the sky at the same time. Your body language as well you want to stand straight or walk formal when speaking, all depending on what you are talking about.