Digital Citizenship

Kellie Roth

What is a Digital Citizen?

A digital citizen is someone who is able to think critically about about ethical opportunities and challenges of the "digital world" and make safe, responsible, and respectable choices online.

Digital Footprints

A digital footprint is a "trail" , made up of bits and pieces of information on one's computer and other computers and servers around the world. If you have a blog, social media account(s), an email account, or have just been online, you have started a digital footprint.This is a good reminder to be appropriate online because anybody can see your digital footprint. According to many people have been rejected from a job or college because the recruter found "digital dirt" about them. Digital dirt consists of swearing, cyber bullying, and being inappropriate online. These are some really good reasons to follow the grandma rule!

The Grandma Rule

Do not post, search, or do anything online that you would not want your grandma to see. If you follow this rule, you should never get into trouble online and have a clean digital footprint.

Easy Bib

Easy bib is a website that you can use to format your bibliography. All you have to do is copy and paste your website's url in and it will format it correctly for you. You can even have it save to your google docs.

Internet Safety

Here are some tips about internet safety:

Never put out personal information online, anybody can see it.

Never trust somebody you do not know because it can lead to severe problems.

Always make sure you log out on a website.

Make sure the site is secure and does not hold a potential virus.

Password Protection

You need to have a strong password! It should be twenty-eight characters or more. It should consist of upper case letters and lower case letters mixed. You should also try to make different passwords for different sites.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bulling is becoming a big problem. Cyber bullying is just like physically bullying somebody except its online. Many people do this because its easier to type it then to say it to someones face.

Viruses, Hackers, Malware, and Worms

Viruses: a segment self replicating code planted illegally in a computer program often to damage of shutdown a system or network

Malware: a malicious software program which causes a computer to run slow

Hackers: a computer user who attempts to steal unauthorized access to a computer

Worms: exploit security software to multiple in machines

Get and update an anti-virus software regularly!

Effective Google Searching

When you search something on google you get many sites to choose from. Some not even related to your search. Use these keys to help get a more exact search.

Use " " to make a word specific

Use - when you do not want the search to include something. For example, you search blue dolphin and you want the animal and it brings up restaurants. Next to your search type

-restaurants and it will take out all the restaurant sites.

Use + as and

Use * as wild card when you do not know everything

Use | as or

Be selective in your terms!

Also, when you use google images, use the drop zone. The drop zone searches for images that are similar to the one you put in the drop box.

Short Cut Keys

Command x with copy what you have highlighted, delete it from where it is at.

Command c will copy what you have highlighted.

Command p will paste what ever you have copied.

Command shift 4 will allow you to take a screen shot.

Command s will save what you are doing.

Command a will highlight everything.

Command p will bring up the option to print.

These are just some of the short cut keys that will help you out.