The Year of the Hangman

By: Gary Blackwood

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Main Conflict

  • Creighton wants to believe the British are always right but the spends time with the American rebels so he realizes the British aren't all that great

Main Character

  • Creighton: protagonist, 15 years old, spoiled, he thought that the only point in life was to play card games but later in the book he becomes aware of the many different things in life

Primary Setting

  • England
  • Ship; over seas
  • American colonies


Beginning of the book:

  • Creighton witnessed his uncle whipping another man. After that tragic experience, Creighton had always questioned if the British were all that great like he had been told. ( this relates to the main conflict because that is when he starts realizing that the British aren't all that great. )
  • Creighton was captured from England. By the people his mother had hired, because he hasn't been behaving properly. His capturers then brought him to America to join the colonies. ( this relates to the main conflict because it's when he is brought to the colonies and where the whole story takes flight. )

Middle of the book:

  • Creighton arrives at the colonies. He is then introduced to his uncle, and his uncle shows him around the colony. His uncle then tells Creighton that they are going to be traveling to Florida. And in the next couple of days, they left. ( this relates to the main conflict because it's when he met his uncle and they leave for Florida. )
  • When they are on their way to Florida the priateers take over their ship. Creighton is then taken to another colony by a guy named Peter. Peter then introduced Creighton to Sophie. ( this relates to the main conflict because Creighton is captured by pirateers and he meets Peter and Sophie. )

End of the book

  • After Creighton has spend a while in the colonies, someone tells him is father is actually not dead like he was told. Creighton then meets his father but he's very sick. Creighton also gets shot in the leg by Arnold and gets very sick like his father. ( this relates to the main conflict because Creighton meets his father and finds out that him and his father are sick. )
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