Mechanical Reaper

Only starting at $10,000

The Mechanical Reaper sweeps across the nation, harvesting crops ; making life easier!

The new Mechanical Reaper is only the start of new technology. Cyrus McCormick came up with the idea and eventually made the dream product a reality in July, 1831. The Mechanical Reaper self rakes with an endless canvas belt that delivers the cut grain to the two men who are riding on the platform, bundling the grain.

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Agriculture has never been so easy, clean, fast, efficent and simple!! The reaper makes harvesting your crops barely a burden. Instead of by hand, the Reaper allows farmers to easily harvest their crops in a short amount of time.

Not. Even. Kidding.

You dont want to miss out on this offer! Stop busting your back to harvest your crops. Let the Mechanical Reaper do it for you!
Cyrus McCormick Demonstrates His Mechanical Reaper