Daniela Fernandez

all about me

My Family

My family is my mom, my dad, my step dad, my step mom, and my little sister. They are all very special to me because they have helped me very much. Most of my family lives out of the country in Guatemala.


My name is Daniela. My birthday is October 16 2003. I am ten years old.

My Hobbies

One of my hobbies is reading. Another one of my hobbies is cooking because,I watch my parents cook a lot and I started to get intrested in cooking. One of my other hobbies is making a lot of crafts.

My Friends

I have a lot of friends. They are all very nice and kind to me. My friends are all very important to me.


Something I like to do is playing the Claireint . Another favorite thing I like to do is learn about ancient history. Something else I like to do is helping people