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Whats going on in your world? 4/29/16

Killing Germs - Or Us?

Do you use a lot of sanitary products, that you don't need? Those are enabling super bugs that cannot be stopped. There is also a chemical called Triclosan found in products including, toothpaste, hand soap, hand sanitizer, bleach and dish detergent. This chemical can alter the effects of hormones changing the cycle of growing up. 25% of kids in the us have Triclosan in their system.

Medication; is it too much?

18% of USA citizens are using too much medication. They are taking it for anything that pains them - are you? Using too much medication can cause sickness, which causes more medication. After awhile you don't know what causing what anymore.
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Alergies; from medication?

Between 40 and 60% of people who take antibiotics for every little cold or virus end up dying early. On average america spends 180,000 dollars on antibiotics. The antibiotics enable a super bug in which we don't have the knowledge to stop.
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Germaphobes, but why?

Studies prove that some antibacterials make us sick. Our bodies think that we no longer need to fight off germs when really, we still need the back up. If something bad slips through the antibiotics, we will have a hard time fighting it off. Even something like the flu, it is easier to die with out the back up of your immune system.


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