Obama VS Romney

The Road To The White House

How do candidates get their messages out? There is a virtue approach. This means candidates perusade the votes to vote for them without bashing someone else. There is a negtive approach, which many candidates use. This is where nominees find dirt on others and use these bad things against them. The last campaign approach is considered the plain folks approach. This is where candidates tell the people that they are just like them.

Obama and Romney are running against each other for president. I would like Romney to win because I'm a Republican. I believe that Obama is a Muslim, and I don't believe that he was born in the US. I also believe that he is a Muslim because he brags on them all the time, and he won't put his hand on the Bible.

Romney is a Republican. He is a business man; he has made millions. He said "that the President hasn't done enough to create jobs." The national debt is more then $15 trillion. Obama's job plan would add to the national debt.