Digital Flyer 1880-1920

written by Seth Crumley

Indistrialization Political

Monopolies were a big part of American in the industrialization time period. Monopolies are a company or group that has total control over a commodity or service. I'm not proud of the way this happened because they could "bully" by jacking up the price.
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Idustrialazation Economic

A big part of industries was how small towns turned into big cities. Farmers packed their bags in hope in better jobs for their family so they moved to the city. I'm proud of this because it opened up thousands of new job and helped out the economy.
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Industrialization Culture

A big part of Industrialization was the assembly line. Henry Ford was the man who mastered this technique with cars. I am proud of this because car could be built a lot faster and cheaper, therefore it made it easier for the poor people to afford cars.

Immigration Political

The Chinese Exclusion Act was a U.S. Federal law and was signed by President Chester A. Arthur in 1882. It prohibited all immigration of Chinese laborers. It was the first law that implemented to prevent a specific group from migrating to the U.S. which meant that skilled and unskilled laborers which wasn't fair for them at all. I am not proud of this happening because they mostly came to America for more job opportunities to be able to support their family or even themselves and we just prevented them from doing that for ten years
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Immigration Economic

Immigration was a huge part of America and still is even today. Different types of ethnic groups throughout Europe would come to America in search for higher paying jobs. This boosted the economy because it gave people the opportunity to better their life's.
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Immigration Culture

Pull factors were a major part in shaping America of how it is today. Pull factors are the things that attract different types of cultures to a certain country. Some of the pull factors brought certain types of people for different reasons. I am proud of this because of how great of a country America is today.
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Urbanization Political

Skyscrapers was a huge advancement for America because instead of building out we started to build them up. Which was way better because it saved room for the city and advanced in our building skills. I am proud of this because it got us to where we are today with building.
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Urbanization Economic

Farmers started moving into more urban regions due to failures of crops. I am proud of the way farmers were able to adapt to the way of their economy also in doing it provided a more stainable way of living for their family.
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Urbanization Culture

Farmers also abandoned their farms and moved to the big city. A lot of them just got tired of how they weren't getting enough money. I am not proud of this because they just abandoned their way of life.
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Progressivism Political

A huge part in progressivism is the women's right movement. Without this movement there would not be a 19th amendment. I am proud of all the women that stood up and fought for their rights.

Progressivism economic

Teddy Roosevelt created a policy called trust busting. Trust busting is a policy that "bust up trusts". This policy eliminated most, if not all, of the major monopolies. I am proud of this because this gave us small businesses more opportunity.
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Progressivism Culture

I am proud of the progressive era for being able to eliminate most of the political corruptions in society. This allowed a more diverse cultural atmosphere instead of just one type of culture.
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Imperialism Political

Teddy Roosevelt said "You need to speak softly and carry a big stick". What that mean is that you tell someone something to do once and if they don't do it you make them do it with force. I am proud of this doctrine because it showed that America is not to be messed with
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Imperialism Economic

Building up our military was a huge part in the development of American in the world power. the militarism in our country at this time helped us to where we are today in the development in our military. I am proud that we were able to pour money into such a great cause.

Imperiralism Culture

The American people all came together and joined efforts into making America a great country. I am proud of this because I wouldn't be able to say things like 'murica'.
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World War I political

I am proud of America because we broke free of isolationism. Doing this we joined the war effort against Germany/Austria.
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World War I Economic

One thing I am not proud of is that America spent too much money on the war. On the other hand it is a good thing that we did spend the money because this is a way we broke free of isolationism. Over all I am proud that we joined forces in the war effort.

World War I Culture

The American people were asked to join in with the war effort also. They were asked to start rationing their food. I am proud of the way the American people to create such a strong nation.
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