The Father of Humanism

Francesco Petrarch's Background

Francesco Petrarch was born July 20th, 1304 In Azerro, Italy. He grew up as a Florentine. His dad was exiled from the city. He then moved to Avigon, a city in Southern France, in 1312. He attended the University of Montpellier. And his interest in poetry was frowned upon by his father, and at one time burned several volumes of ancient Latin authors found in his possession.
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Francesco Petrarch's Achievements

One of Francesco Petrarch's greatest works of art as a poet was "The Canzoniere". And Petrarch was also a recipient of The Laurel Crown, an award that goes to only the best poets. And he is the well known father of humanism.

Francesco Petrarch's Impact on Today

Francesco Petrarch was a philosopher as well as a poet. He believed in humanism, the theory that everyone and everything has internal value. Which means everyone has meaning. Petrarch has also created works of art that are still admired today.

Interesting Facts

  • Petrarch was considered on of the greatest love poets of world literature.
  • He died the day before his birthday