Garrett Mogen

inventor of the gas mask and the traffic signle

Garrett Morgen

on 1877 the most famuse inventor of all was born... Garrett A. Morgen.Born on march 4th, 1877 paris, kuntuky

Morgens graetest accomplishments

Morgen Was tierd of wseeing peaple get hurt in traffic so he decided to take maters into his owen hands and invent3ed the traffic signle.i9n a tunnle 500 feet benth lake irae there was an explotion and morgen his new invention called a gas mask and pulled out sevrle peaple and the fire dapartment whanted to get some gas masks to use so morgen gave them some to use.

Time Line Of Garrett Morgen Life

In 1877morgen was born,in 2907 morgen moved to ohio,in 1914 he invented the gas mask,in 1923 morgen sold the traffic signle to generle Electric.,and in 1963 morgen died

Fun Facts

Morgen's gas mask earnd two gold medles, Morgen hierd a wight man to impersanat him because he was a black man (because dismanation)