Mrs. Horak's Class Newsletter

Volume 7

Hello Families!


Our class recently filled our Star Jar for class-wide positive behavior. We voted on a reward and the kids chose a pajama day and the option to bring a stuffed animal to school. We will do this on Wednesday November 18!!!

Please note that the Thanksgiving meal being served in the cafeteria is just for the families with students in 1st or 4th grades. There will be a December holiday meal that will be for our students and families. When information comes home about that, be aware that it will be a pre-paid meal because we only have one cashier in the cafeteria this year.

What We Are Learning

  • Math: We are learning about the properties of triangles and we will be delving into quadrilaterals this week. This is when we discuss terms like parallel, right angles, closed figures, and vertices.
  • Reading: A "close read" is when we re-read a text multiple times to take the time to truly understand it. The first time we try to just "get the gist" of it. The second time we dig a little deeper, defining words, highlighting key words and phrases, using context clues, and checking for understanding. The third time we think about what we read, ask ourselves what the author wanted us to learn, and notice how the text is organized. This is when we answer questions about the text. We are practicing this in class with reading passages, our Studies Weekly newspaper, and other texts. Please encourage your child to do this at home too with their nightly reading!
  • Writing: We are focusing on writing paragraphs with strong topic sentences, important details, and a concluding sentence to "wrap it all up." We have learned the rules for making singular nouns plural. Please help your child practice this at home. If you have a puppy, as him or her to spell puppies. If you have a sandwich for dinner, ask how to spell sandwiches.
  • This week the student be rotating for their science unit on the states of matter. They will go to Mrs. Hansman's classroom for this fun unit!

That is all for now. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Horak

Important Dates

November 17: Glen Arden Night at Iannucci's Restaurant

November 18: Our Star Jar Party--Wear your Pajamas and bring a stuffed animal

November 25-27: No School--Thanksgiving Break

December 4: 12:30 pm Early Release
December 21 - Jan.1: NO SCHOOL - WINTER BREAK!