Grassland Biome

By Ella

What is it like there?


In America, grasslands have rain fall of about 10 to 30 inches a year. But in tropical grass-lands [savannas] have about 29 to 60 inches a year . Tropical grasslands can get very hot . There are really two seasons in the grasslands . Dry and wet seasons .Did you know that grasslands get more rain then deserts and less rain then forests ? In north American grasslands are warm in the summer and cool in the winter like most states . (But ones in Africa), it is almost always the same .


In the grassland you guest it is full of grass ! In North America you would see farms and some animals , but in africa it is very different in africa it is full of animals such as Elephants, giraffes, zebras, and rhinos .the soil is moist in North America but in africa it is very dry .there are big trees in africa but in North America there is not as many because it has very good farming land so it does not grow as good because the amount of space farms need .Did you know there is 8,000 types of grass in grasslands !

Where are they located?

Where in the world?

  • The grasslands are found in .......
  • Central North America a going in to Canada
  • Mixed in South America
  • Central parts of Africa
  • Parts of Asia
  • Some parts of Australia !!!!


How do plants survive?

Plants in grasslands have many adaptations for survival . One plant can live for 7 years!These plants are called perennials they can store food in there roots. When lighting strikes the grass it will make a fire you may think fire = bad but your wrong in grasslands it is good because when it gets put out it killed most of the dead grass from the dry season and in the spring new grass come up . There is many plants in the grasslands you can find many grass ,sunflowers,chicory,and corn marigolds .Tree like too live close to streams so the can grow more then if they were just live in the middle of the grasslands .flowering very high in North American grasslands in African it is ok but not as much as American grasslands . In Africa there is some trees and the leaves are broad same with North American . The growing of grass is very high .

Animal Life

How do animals survive?

There are many animals in grasslands . In the United States the grassland really have not as much as African but they have some. There is one animal is it is called a bison there was millons of them roaming around but then people started killing them. So after awhile they started to go to protected grasslands now there is about 65,000 of them . Prairie dogs on the other hand can make tunnels that go to prairie dog town . This is not like a town we now it is like a hole . The tunnels can reach over 160 Acres !!!!!

Going on to Africa there is a cat that has small legs for digging they are called Sand Dun Cats .These cats even have grass cooler fur for hunting . Giraffes you probably know there big but did you there so big they eat 75 pounds a day ! Zebras have stripes for hiding not for hunting.There is omnivores , carnivores and herbivores In all grasslands .

Food Chains