Weevil's Walapolooza

Come on in and have some fun!

Housing Arrangements!

We have the simply best Houses and condos around!

We have open Leaf Condos Available Just for your needs!

The Special Deals are 30 Leafs for 3 nights!

The Best Dining Places Around!

We have the Best Chiefs Cooking the best leaves and cotten just for you!

We have 13 restaurants in the resort.

They are all customized just for special Weevils

Including warm tropical temperatures in all restaurants!

Special Aid To all Weevils

We have special Aid's for weevils. Our Security Team does it's best to protect all Stayers

There will be no other animals or humans to hurt you and other weevils!

Thanks to our high-tech walls around the resort!

We have Day Care for the Little Ones!

We have the best day care for your little larvas!

Our Staff are experienced and gentle so nothing goes wrong

Our Silent Orchestra

If you feel bored or just want to have fun Visit our silent Orchestra!

We are sure this wont make you fall Asleep!

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