The Greatest Colony on Earth!

Why Virginia?

Virginia is simply the best! Virginia is one of the southern colonies. it is not located north or south, it is right in the middle of all the colonies! An impeccable location! From rolling hills to rich, fertile soil to hundreds of rivers, Virginia offers beautiful views AND economic opportunity. The rivers and soil have allowed Virginia's settlers to meet great prosperity with the tobacco industry. If you visit, you may never want to leave! Luckily, you don't have to! You too could live in God's perfect, picturesque wonderland.

Now that you are intrigued, I bet you want to know a bit more about this splendid place and its history. Virginia was originally settled by the British. There are many reasons why the brilliant Brits did this, including the water access and favorable climate. It is much warmer in Virginia than it is in rainy Great Britain!! Of course, the allure of gold led them to Virginia as well. There is no gold, but fear not! Virginia is golden even without that element!

Important Events:

  • John Smith Found Virginia - 1607
  • First Meeting of the House of Burgesses - July 1619
  • Bacon Rebellion - May 10, 1676
  • William and Mary College Founded - Feb. 8, 1693
  • Williamsburg Becomes the Capital - Oct. 20, 1698
  • Tobacco Inspection Act - Dec. 12, 1713
  • George Washington is Born - Feb. 22, 1732
  • Expansion West - 1747

Important People:

  • John Smith was the founder of Virginia. His great story lives on.
  • John Rolfe brought us the tobacco plant.
  • Nathaniel Bacon led the Bacon Rebellion
  • George Washington is a very skilled gentleman who has a lot of potential. He could go on to become the first president of the colonies, who knows?

What Kind of Place is Virginia, Anyway?

  • Virginia is Anglican i.e. followers of the Church of England.
  • At first, the colony was ruled by a council and a council President.
  • After the House of Burgesses was founded, a legal system based on British common law was put in place.
  • The governor of Virginia stays in England.
  • Jamestown is the capital.
  • Trade includes a huge tobacco exportation as well as other crops.
  • Virginia is involved in the slave trade. Most of the slaves come from the Caribbean islands.