Jennie Finch

Jennie Finch

Most people don't know who Jennie Finch is, but don't worry, I'm going to explain exactly who she is!

Jennie Lynn Finch is a softball player who pitched for the U.S.A. Team. She lead her team to victory in 2004 in the summer Olympics. In 2008 she and her team made it to the championship game in the Olympics, but was defeated by Japan and went home with silver. Though Jennie retired in 2010, she is still committed to softball. She even helps young girls become great softball players.

Jennie started playing softball when she was a little girl. Jennie kept playing and fell in love with it. One year she was invited to play with an elite team. Although she got to play with them, her coach never let her pitch. Finally, one day her father asked why, and I quote, he coach said, "She is not a championship pitcher." Jennie could just quit then and there, but she left that team to find a new one. One time in a championship game, Jennie had to pitch against her old team, and guess what! Her new team ended up winning.

Some other things that you might not know about her is that Finch is her maiden name and occasionally uses her husbands name, Daigle.

Time magazine had named her the most famous softball player in history!

In the 2004 Pepsi All-Star softball game, Jennie struck out Albert Pujols, Mike Piazza, and Brian Giles. In 2011 Jennie ran the New York Marathon and raised $30,000 for The New York Road Runners Youth Program. Jennie Lynn Finch is an amazing softball player, and one day, I hope to be just like her!

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