who is Ptolemy


A Mathamatician,geographer,astonomer and astrogler between the years 83 AD and 168 AD.He also wrote an influential work hamonicas on music theory and mathamatics of music.He was concerntrating of calculating the distance of objects orbitng the earth.

Where came from,born and death

Ptolemy was a greek astonomer who lived between 85-165 AD.He together his owm ideas with those aristrotle,hiparchas and formed the geocentic theory.Thi theory stats that the earth aws at the center of the universe and all over the heavenly bodies circled it,a modal which held for 1400 years until the time of Copernicus

What he was famous for

Ptolemy is also famous for his work in geography.He was the first personto use longitude and lattitude lines to indenify on the face of earth.