Will Treaty

Rangers apprentice series

A little bit about me

I am 19 year old Arulean born boy, i'm short, i'm slightly muscular, and I have kind of long, dark brown hair. I am an orphan, who happens to be extremely skilled with stealth. My friends are Horace, Svengal, Erak, Cassandra, Halt, Gilan, Umar, Hassan, Selethen, Crowely, Baron Arald, Lady Pauline, and Jenny.

Relationship status

In a relationship with Alyss

Conflict in story (looking for)

Yusal Makali

Political views


Religious Views

he is a christian and believes in God.


Hunting, Hiking, Archery practice, sneaking around, talking.


Archery, Horses, stealth.

Important events in book

1. Erak gets captured during a raid.

2. Cassandra sees through and calls out the fake Wakir.

3. Will loses tug.

4. Erak gets captured by the tualaghi.

5. Arrow dies.

6. Will shoots a sand cobra,

7. Halt gets captured

Important items to the story

1. The Wolfwind.

2. Cassandra's royal seal.