Air Pollution

Sonia Lorenzi,Tierra Brown

Definition of Air Pollution

When the air contains gases, dust, fumes, or odour in harmful amounts.

Causes of Air Pollution

The Earth itself contributes to air pollution through: -Volcanic eruptions-Wild fires-Vehicles-Burning Garbage-Smoke from Cigarettes-Leading causes are cars and industries

Effects of Air Pollution

Acid Rain- rain that is unusually acidic possessing high levels of hydrogen ionsEurophications, Haze- an atmospheric phenomenon where dust, smoke, and other dry particles obscure the clarity of the sky, wild life deterioration, Ozone Deplition-a steady decline in the total volume of Ozone in earths atmosphere, global climate change.

Locations where Effects Of Air Pollution Are Evident

A)Beijing, China ;B)New Delhi, India ;C)Santiago, Chile. We chose these cities because they are the most affected by Air Pollution in the world.

How Air Pollution affects Viginia Beach

Air Pollution is an important topic regarding Va Beach because air quality in Va Beach is Polluted from the effects listed above such as Vehicles and Industries.


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