Covington Place Newsletter

September 7, 2015, For Residents of Covington Place

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Labor Day is a holiday in the United States that is dedicated to workers across the country. The intention of the holiday is to recognize the contributions that laborers make to the United States as a whole. The public holiday always falls on the first Monday in September.

Recognition of the workers was inspired by the labor movement and Canada’s observation of labor festivals. The first federal observation of the holiday occurred in 1894 however the first Labor Day observed in a state was in Oregon in 1887.


CPHOA Meeting Notes

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

6:30pm, Poolside Clubhouse

· Halloween Traffic Plan:

o Keith Campbell presented the final draft of the Halloween plan and discussed the plan’s needs for implementation. The board approved the plan with a couple of additional items to add.

a) Keith Campbell will be the lead for the organization and single point of contact for the Covington Police Department and will work the plan through Chief Cotton.

b) Kimberly Wilbur is in charge of the volunteer & barricade sign-up sheet

c) Dan Kratz is in charge of barricade arrangements and handing out equipment to volunteers.

d) Keith Campbell will submit a budget for approval to purchase reflective vests, flashlights, whistles and “Welcome” signs.

e) Ed Winnicki will contact Chief Cotton acknowledging the Board’s appointment of Keith Campbell as HOA contact and relay our formal approval of the traffic plan submitted.

· Covenant Compliance Report

o Ralph Ingerson updated the board on discussions with the City of Covington’s Code Enforcement Officers.

o Discussed the apparent abandoned house on Crestview Drive that the HOA took upon themselves to cut the grass and landscape in order to maintain a clean community.

o Board discussed the difference in an owner having a “short term neglect” of compliance issue and an owner with a “long-term neglect” compliance issue. The Board elected to continue it’s current schedule of letters and reminders for short-term compliance issues. The Board voted to raise the fine from $100.00 to $152 per incident for long-term issues so we may immediately go to small claims court.

o Board had another discussion on motor homes/campers being stored at residences for more time than allowed in covenants. Letters as well as direct contact will be made to homeowners who are violating this rule. Fees to accompany this communication if this continues.

· Pool Parties on Weekends

o The question was proposed, should we amend our current pool rental agreement to allow pool parties on the weekends? The current pool club house rental agreement was reviewed. The board voted to keep it as is. The agreement states that pool club house rental could not take place between Noon and 6pm on Saturdays or Sundays during summertime operation, unless approved by the HOA Board.

o Kaye Plitt will directly communicate to renters this agreement condition. If renters do request pool house during those times, prior approval from the board will be needed.

o Issue with missing table and damaged table: Request was made to Kaye Plitt to purchase new tables and be reimbursed by HOA.

o Issue of needing a new vacuum cleaner for pool clubhouse. Request was made to Mrs. Lyn Atkinson to purchase and be reimbursed by HOA.

o Issue with persons having more than 4 per house hold at pool. This will continue to need to be monitored.

· Clubhouse Cleaning – Susie Keck

o We discussed the need to have the poolside clubhouse cleaned by different vendor. The board voted YES to send request for bids to other companies for this work. This will include restrooms.

· Bald Cypress Trees, Plantation Trace – Ed Winnicki

o Ryan Howell of Mansfield Landscaping Services has reported the presence of a destructive mite infestation in the Bald Cypress trees along Plantation Trace. An arborist has been called in to evaluate and recommend treatment. The board voted yes to pay the $550 treatment to save the trees from the mites.

· Pool Concrete

o The Board was expecting further discussion on resurfacing the pool concrete with recommendations of possible solutions. No one in attendance was prepared to speak on this subject, so the Board elected to Table It until the October meeting.

· Traffic Plan

o Perri Futo was going to update the board on progress with the City of Covington. Perri was unable to attend this meeting so the Board elected to Table It until the October meeting.

· Pool Parking Lot Signage

o New signs stating. “No Unauthorized Overnight Parking Allowed” and “Pool Closes at 10:00 PM. After Hours Use is Trespassing,” have been installed. NOTE: Photos of the new signs are shown below.

o The Board authorized the use of “Warning Flyers to be placed on the windshields of unauthorized vehicles parked overnight. These flyers will only be distributed by Board Members.

o Ed also requested we designate additional members authorized to place warning signs on offending vehicles. Board voted YES on items.

· Letters to Owners of Record of Undeveloped Lots – Claudia Callaway

o Claudia Callaway updated the board on progress in mailing letters to the owners of undeveloped lots reminding them of their obligation to keep their properties maintained and the requirement to submit building plans to the HOA prior to breaking ground. Certified letters will be sent this week.

· Covington Place Website, (

o Claudia updated on review of community website. She is experiencing access issues. More updates in October Meeting.

· Pool Emergency Exit

o During the August meeting the Board agreed to review the need to install emergency exits at the pool. The Board needs to adopt this measure and appoint someone to lead this effort. Mr. Lynn will contact Sentry and ask what other HOAs are doing to provide this safety measure.

· Open Discussion:

Open discussion on meet and greet of new homeowners. Progress is being made but we still have gaps in progress. We were alerted to two homeowners on Crestview in the audience that had been here for 1 year and never been contacted. We will need to continue our efforts.

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POOL CLOSES for the 2015 SEASON at 10:00pm on September 27th.

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A big THANK YOU to Brooke Woodall and Katie Humphries for stepping forward and volunteering to be the Coordinators for our Annual Fall Yard Sale!

The date is set for Saturday October 3rd from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Residents who wish to participate need to place balloons on their mailboxes and set up in their own garage and/or driveway. NOTE: Early shoppers often start arriving as early as 7:00am, so if you have your garage door open you could have shoppers that early.
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The Arts Association has announced the Fall Luncheon Concerts on the Square!

These concerts take place on Thursdays at Noon and are FREE to the public!

The Stage Fright Band

60s and 70s Rock Thursday, September 10th

Tony Bryant Band

Blues Thursday, September 17th

Premier Brass

Quintet Thursday, September 24th


If you'd like to promote your student's school activities in the Newsletter, please send the full details plus a JPEG (if needed) to by Thursday and it'll be placed in the next Newsletter. This also goes for fund-raisers and any activities open to the public.


Sept.12th - the 32nd Annual Covington Police FUZZ RUN takes place today! To sign up go to their website

Sept.24th - the Taste of Newton takes place at Porter Memorial Gymnasium at 5:00pm. Business Booths are $125 and restaurant booths are free. If you'd like to reserve a booth space, contact Lisa Baker at Attendees will purchase tickets for $1 each and the food vendors will set their own prices for the samples they bring.


If you will be having overnight quests park on the street or your Camper/RV parked in front of your home (or at the Pool Parking Lot) at any time during the year in preparation for a trip or returning from a trip, you MUST place a VISITOR PARKING PASS on the dashboard so that the Covington Police know that it belongs to you and will be moving shortly. Please indicate on the Visitor Pass the date you will be moving the RV. This is to be followed every time.


With the Pool and Pool Parking Lot still in heavy use, it is important that every vehicle owned by a resident have a Green Vehicle Sticker placed on the rear window. These stickers are provided free of charge by the HOA and are a Safety Measure to assist residents and the Covington Police recognize those vehicles that belong in our neighborhood.

If you do not have a Green Vehicle Sticker on each of your vehicles, please REPLY to this email providing your Name, Street Address, and the Number of Vehicles you have and they will be delivered to your mailbox.

If you would like a sticker for your golf cart too, please make that request as this is a great idea since many residents drive their golf carts to the pool.
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The elected officers for 2015-2016 are as follows:

Chairperson - Ed Winnicki (
Co-Chairperson - Ralph Ingerson
Secretary - Keith Campbell
Treasurer - Perri Futo
Communications Manager - Claudia Callaway
Maintenance Manager - Lynn Atkinson
Member Manager - Susie Keck

Feel free to contact any Board Member with any questions you may have regarding our neighborhood.


If you have new neighbors don't forget to let Peggy Rentz know so that the Covington Place Welcome Wagon can visit them with a nice welcoming basket and community information. Peggy's email is can just provide the Street address and Peggy will do the rest - it's that easy!

Also, please ask them to send an email to to be added to the Newsletter.


If you have school, military, community, etc. news to share with the neighborhood, please send it to by Thursday each week to be included in the Newsletter.


- Subdivision Services
- 678-284-0244 - contact them for these items: obtain/replace a pool/tennis key card, report/respond to covenant violations, report issues at the pool/tennis courts/playground, anything related to safety/security, etc.

- Grace Management - 770-389-6528 - contact them for these items: your HOAButler account, anything to do with your HOA account, etc.

Mailbox Repair/Replacement - Jonathan/Thomas Freeman, 770-356-7290 - they are the ONLY approved mailbox repair/replacement company for Covington Place

Covington Police - 911 or 770-385-2053; call them for any security concern or animal control or soliciting in the neighborhood

Clubhouse Rental - Kaye Plitt, the clubhouse is available to all residents to rent for private parties; no corporate events or non-resident parties allowed; $75 fee during Pool Season, $50 fee during remainder of year; Rules & Regulations available from Kaye; some restrictions on dates/times of availability; 404-606-8062,

Green Vehicle Stickers - Send email to and provide street address and number of vehicles; place them on the rear window of each vehicle

Social Committee - Susie Keck,, 404-702-5032

Collins Pool Services - 770-389-9999 - to report any problems with the pool during Pool Season (ex. chemicals, cleanliness, fecal matter, etc.)

Pool Wi-Fi Password - 7707882543 - Free to all residents using the Pool or Clubhouse. If it asks for a Username it is covingtonplacepool.

Tennis Courts are accessed via the same Pool Card that opens the pool gate. The tennis courts are available for residents and their guests only. Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times. Leagues or Teams are not allowed. Rules of etiquette were included in the HANDBOOK so please refer to them if you have any questions.