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Mice and Men


George is a man who travels whit Lennie and takes care of Lennie. George is devoted to Lennie, even though he talks about how his life would be some much better if he would have to take care of Lennie.

George and Lennie

Lennie is Georges brother that has a mental disability and George has to take care of Lennie. George also has to look out for Lennie so he doesn't get him self into trouble.

Take care of the one around and the ones you love.

Don't take thing for granite.


George look after Lennie, when they are on the farm by telling tell the boss that Lennie is hard worker, George also tell the boss that he doesn't cause any problems.

George said in the story..

In the story George said "That if anything bad happens that you are sup post to go hide in the woods and not to come out of his hiding spot unless I come for you."