Class News

September 26

Third Grade - LeCroy and Pickering

Stability Balls

The Stability Balls are here the students are doing great with them. I love mine and think everyone has made a smooth transition. To keep everyone safe though, Ms. Pickering and I will be strictly enforcing the rules of the contract. Thank you for your support! By the way, a student suggested putting sand in the bottom of the balls. Genius idea, because they are so stable now. We can even set them on the he tables in the afternoon, and they don't roll off!

Field Studies

Disc Golf - Wednesday, October 3

If you would like to chaperone, please let me know. All chaperones need to be approved by the district. Students have a choice between a bagged school lunch and bringing one from home (in a brown bag that can be thrown away for convinience).

Brattonsville - Wednesday, October 16

This permission form went home today. We will leave around 8:30 and will return by the end of school. Students also have a choice between a bagged school lunch and bringing one from home.

Download Weebly!

If your child is bringing an iPad to school, please download the Weebly app. We will be using it as our online portfolio of the work we do this year, including our writing. When you are in the App Store, it will not show up unless you click on iPhone apps. It is currently an iPhone app, so it shows up smaller. On the iPad, you can click on the 2x button at the bottom right corner to make it full screen once it is downloaded. Thank you for your help with this!

Online Resources - Our district is piloting this math program to see if it is something we are interested in. It assesses students and places them in work that is on their level. When students login, they see a pie graph. Each piece of the pie represents different mathematical areas. The shaded shows how much students already know, and the unshaded shows how much they will learn. When students fill pieces of their pie, they can complete work in other slices. Once mastery is shown, I can move them into a higher level. The program is very intelligent and takes into account that students retain only about 80% of what they learn. It reassesses them to figure out what needs to be retaught, and Aleks adds it back to their pie. It allows students to independently work and teach themselves new concepts using the explain function. Students seem to be doing very well. This is something that they can work on independently at home, in the tech lab, and during RTI. - The district is also using the new Science Techbook from Discovery Ed. This is also a great way for students to learn new concepts they are interested in.

All of their logins are recorded in their agendas. Many of these logins were created by the District or the Company, so usernames vary.


We have been studying place values in different number systems. We studied Chinese, Egyptian, Hindu-Arabic (ours) and are writing our own number systems. We have been adding and subtraction numbers as well. In third grade, students can use different strategies to add and subtract. It is not until fourth grade that they have to use the standard algorithm to add and subtract. So you'll notice many of your students have earned a 4 on their progress report, because they are already using the algorithm. We are beginning a unit on data tomorrow. I have sent home the pretest today. Some students already know how to correctly create a bar graph as the standard indicates, but not the pictograph. Also, students were unsure of what a line plot is (which is okay, because they have never been taught this before as it is a pre assessment). Therefore, our studies for the next two weeks will be focused on these two concepts in order to represent data.

Reading and Writing

In Reading, we are studying literature (fictional texts). The focus this week has been sequencing, causes and effect, and consequences and implications (short and long-term consequences).

In Writing, we are working on personal narratives. Your children are brilliantly writing about the most important moments of their lives! They have blown me away with their progress thus far. I cannot wait until we have our writing published, in just a few more short weeks. Stay tuned!

Social Studies

Below, I have included several pictures of our SC Region cookies. Thank you so much for helping us get everything in! They really enjoyed this activity. After studying Native Americans, next week we will begin studying other Early South Carolinians (Explorers).


In our study of Earth's Materials, we have learned about land and water features, rocks, soils, and minerals. We will be looking at fossils, weathering, erosion, deposition, and how Earth's materials can be used to build things. Here are some pictures of your young scientists testing the streak color of minerals this week below.