By erich smith

The capital

Nassau is home to about 351,461 people
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Major cities

Nassau,Lucaya, Freeport,West end
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West end

Was it controlled by another country

Yes they were controlled by the Britains

But Did it gain independence

im am certin myself that the gained independence it was is in1964

Is it still controlled by another country

NO it is not controlled by another country

What was their official language

The official language was English

Describe the Bahamas flag

Their flag starts out with a black Triagle then their was 3 lines one was blue the middle was yellow and the last was blue again
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We're is your country

It's in the Atlantic ocean near Florida
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Type of government

Constitutional parliamentary democracy

The Bahamas leader

The leader is Perry Christie
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The Bahamas currency

Bahamian dolars

Their economic system

The Bahamas economic system was socialism

Why should people visit the bahamas

People should visit it because of the beautiful beaches, water activities.

What should tourists see and do

They should see Mt alvernia and got to the hotel Atlantis and or fish, dive under water or go golfing