NMS's Computer Tech Club

What is it?

What we do!

In Computer Tech Club (or CTC for short), students explore various websites (also known as "Webtools") on the internet. These sites may be well known (like exploring Google's doodles) or new and in beta testing (like blubbr.tv and Smore). There are also creations on websites we make (like drawings on Weavesilk) that we will post on our Google powered Websites for our family/other viewers to see what we did!

When/Where is it?

CTC is held every Tuesday at 2:10pm-3:15pm in room B5, also known as the Computer Integration room.

What do you do on these "Webtools"?

There are many webtools we use in CTC. Some are just for fun, others we may use to put on our websites.

Some of these for fun webtools are Drawastickman, and Weavesilk. There are some webtools we have accounts on to have saved progress and show other students what we did, like Blubbr (shown in the image above) and Smore (which is what this flyer is being made on!)

Sometimes we'll be using webtools the students in the current/past computer integration rotation hasn't used yet, and we will be "testing" them and give our opinions on them for if they should be shown in future rotations.

If you like working with the internet and trying out new things, this may be the after-school activity for you! If interested, return the permission slip to the B5 computer lab by 12/10.