The Malikiller

Kills all bad diseases or maladies and Malaria

Do you suffer from bad diseases?

If you suffer from any maladies, or malaria you could slowly be dieing. Only 3.14 people didn't like it. But those people are "special". There are virtually no side effects! Even better is it comes with 3.14 flavors. Like: goat brains, and our newest flavor Dirt! WARNING!!!: If you have an overdose of pills (normally you want to take 1 pull every day) you will experience Deadly Diarrhea, which will kill you. And that will hurt every second. Well at least it is the " Mal-Bane" Made with natural herbs!
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One story to remember.

Arthur, an old man of the age 78. He was close to death. He was lying on his death bed when a young nurse named Karthus, came in with a new medicine called " Malikiller". Arthur was saved and now is more healthy than the average Ms.Tran! He is now working in heaven as the gate keeper.