The Reforming Saint or Sinner?

By: Patrick Munley


Got rid of Indulgences

By doing this the people don't have to pay tons of money to get their sins forgiven. The church isn't getting money know for doing acts they never should have been getting money for. The church was taking advantage of all their people. In the image there is a church official selling indulgences to the people and the people are buying the because they think it is the only way to get sins forgiven. Luther gets rid of this and tells his followers that the way you believe and your faith is the only way to go to heaven. This makes him a saint in all his followers minds.

Translates the Bible

The bible was mostly only in one language. This made it very hard for people from other places to read and understand the bible. When he was in hiding he translated the bible making it possible for many ore followers to read. Before they just had to go along with what everyone else said but know they can fulling understand the church and find all the things they disagree with. This can cause them to change religion and disagree with the pope. The picture just shows the bible and this made him a saint to al who didn't have the grand opportunity to read and understand the bible.

Stops Curruption

He points out that the church is taking money just for themselves. They are collecting money that is meant to help the church and the people grow but the church is being greedy and taking it all for themselves. He said this in his 95 theses and had many stating this problem. The people agreed and wanted change. All thought he was a saint for standing up for this and not being afraid of the church.



After Martin Luther wrote all his books an writings he became a criminal in the churches eyes. They believed no one should go against the church and it's ways. He was an outlaw based on the Edict of Worms. The church viewed him as a sinner because he went against all they believed in. They didn't want anyone like hi in the church so they kicked him out.


Martin Luther brought a lot of confusion into the church. People weren't sure if they should stay and agree with the church or go off with Luther. The church didn't like this because man of their people were leaving and their numbers were diminishing. Luther gained most of his followers from Catholics who also didn't agree with the new views.

No Eucharist

Martin Luther didn't think the Eucharist actually turns into the Body and Blood of Christ. This outraged all Catholics because that is a huge thing they believe in. That is the main part of the mass. For anyone to disagree with this was a sinner to the church.

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