By: Marie Lu

Plot Summary

This book is about a boy who's only motive is the well-being of his family and a girl who is her country's prodigy and she is on a mission to rack down her brothers murderer.

Character analysis

Day is a 15 year old boy who lives on the streets and has to fend for himself. He is very agile and and quick thinker he has senses as sharp as an eagle. his only motivation is to keep his family safe. His emotional side really shows eh really cares about his family and will stop at nothing to keep them safe

Marie Lu Biography

She was born in Beijing, china in 1984 and lived there for five years. Then she and her family moved Texas. Marie began writing at a young age. She went to collage in Southern California were she studied Political Science. Instead of being a lawyer as she intended to be she became an art director for a video company.