Amigo Brothers

by: Aaron Kennedy


This story takes place in Manhatten, which is in New York. The characters live in the middle of the city.

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There are two main characters. Felix and Antonio are both 17 years old and both have a goal of becoming the lightweight champion in boxing. Felix has dark skin, is short, and bigger built. He has black hair that he wears in an Afro style. Antonio has light skin, is tall, and skinny. He wears his hair in a messy style over his eyes.

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In the beginning of the story, both boys made it to the neighborhood boxing finals. They have always trained together and continued to do this, but things got awkward because they knew that they were going to have to box each other for the first time. The boys agreed to give it their best in the ring and act like they have never met before. Then, on the day of the match, Felix got three hits in quickly. Antonio returned with a hit to Felix's chin and eye. The climax of the story was when the fight ended and both boys fought hard. The bell rang to end Round three and end the fight. In the end, Antonio stopped blocking Felix's punches and put his arms up. The boys stopped fighting and agreed to end the fight knowing that they both did their best and it doesn't matter who wins. The referee was going to call the winner, but the boys walked off of the ring together before this could happen. They said that they were both winners because they fought hard.
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  • It doesn’t matter if you win, as long as you try your hardest.

  • Don’t let competition ruin your friendship
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The story did not tell us who won the fight. I believe that Antonio won the fight because he stopped and realized that they shouldn't fight hard and get mad at each other over a competition. During the fight, Antonio got Felix in the chin hard, three times. Then, Antonio made Felix bleed in the nose. I still think Antonio won.

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