Vitality Champs

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Purpose of Vitality Champs

The Vitality Champ initiative was formed in May 2012 by CIG to promote the wellness program through educated representatives at each location. Each Vitality Champ encourages, informs, inspires, leads and motivates their coworkers to live their healthiest lives.

All Champs have a strong interest in the Vitality program and a basic understanding of the program’s features and requirements

Our Current Champs & Associates

Amy Barlet, Champ, ProQuest, Field

Annie Gibson, Lockton Rep, Lockton, Kansas City

Austin McLean, Champ, ProQuest, Ann Arbor

Christie Riegelhaupt, Super Champ, ProQuest, Boca Raton

Christine Koszewski, Vitality Rep, Vitality, Chicago

Claudia Prokopczuk, Champ, ProQuest, New York

Corye Bradbury, Champ, ProQuest, Ann Arbor

Dana Elliott, Champ, ProQuest, Ann Arbor

Deborah Schneider, Champ, ProQuest, Baltimore

Delores Snowden, Administration, Cambridge Information Group, Bethesda

Elizabeth Kellenberger, Champ, ProQuest, Ypsilanti

Grahm Dethmers, Champ, ProQuest, Ann Arbor

Jan Anderson, Lead Champ, Cambridge Information Group, Bethesda

Jason Rebacz, Vitality Rep, Vitality, Chicago

Jennifer Genetti, Champ, ProQuest, Boca Raton

Jon Highstreet, Champ, ProQuest, Ann Arbor

Karen Cornelio, Champ, ProQuest, Seattle

Krystina Lesiak,, Administration, ProQuest, Ann Arbor

Lauren Puzier, Champ, Sotheby's Institute of Art, New York

Le Tran, Champ, ProQuest, Seattle

Lin Haughton, Champ, ProQuest, Ann Arbor

Rachel Ligairi, Lead Champ, ProQuest, Provo

Ruth Wright, Lead Champ, ProQuest, Louisville

Sam Buttigieg, Administration, ProQuest, Ann Arbor

Sandra Ostrach, Champ, Cambridge Information Group, Bethesda

Tracina Adkinson, Administration, Cambridge Information Group, Bethesda

Tracy Strickland, Champ, ProQuest, Ypsilanti

Vicky Morgan, Champ, ProQuest, Bethesda

Vinh Tran, Champ, ProQuest, San Diego

Walter Dougoveto, Champ, ProQuest, Ann Arbor