Napa Valley, California

The Napa Valley

This area plays a great role in the wine industry, providing a lot of the $60 billion worth of wine coming out of California. (90% of the U.S. wine production flows from California) As our temperatures rise, it causes our wine to premature ripen and the grapes to be of lower quality.

Future of Napa Valley

  • The total area within the continental United States suitable for premium wine growing could be reduced as much as 81 percent by the end of this century under a high-emissions scenario, primarily due to an increase in extremely hot summer days (>95° F or 35° C).3
  • According to projections, premium wine grapes could only be grown in a thin strip of land along the coast of California, while the climate becomes more favorable in coastal Oregon and Washington.3
  • Warm nights have boosted growth of high-quality wine grapes in California,4 but further warming is not likely to be as beneficial.5

Regional Solutions

  • elevating energy efficiency;
  • promoting renewable energy
  • reducing coal emissions;
  • greening transportation; and
  • providing assistance to developing countries to reduce deforestation and switch to clean energy technologies.