October Happenings

October 4, 2019

Mrs. Fortunato’s Message

Dear Parents,

American Sign Language has finally begun! All students in kindergarten to grade four will attend American Sign Language (ASL) as their language class with Mrs. Mary Morsbach. We had a late start with this wonderful program due to last minute adjustments. It was piloted this week and the students were engaged and excited to begin learning about the world of sign. Mrs. Morsbach is thrilled about teaching ASL to our students and her enthusiasm is contagious!

Mrs. Morsbach letter of introduction will be sent home next week.

As you know, we value all cultures and language instruction at ICS! I wish there was more time in our day to include learning opportunities for a variety of foreign language classes. Perhaps that will be in the future. For now, our language curriculum for grades 5-8 will continue to focus on Spanish with Mrs. Mena. She is new to us this year and has been a wonderful addition to our faculty. Our younger students will have an opportunity to learn Spanish by joining our extra-curricular Spanish Club. The new Spanish Club will be offered once a week in the near future. Details with the necessary information will be sent home next week.

MAP assessment will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week. All students in grades 1-8 will practice with a sample test on Monday. It is important that your child/ren have breakfast and come to school feeling rested on all test days. As stated in last week's newsletter:

There is a MAP Growth section on our school's website (go to the top tool bar). It offers accurate and helpful information about the new student assessment being administered this year (fall, winter, and spring). The teaching staff has been involved in MAP training sessions since the beginning of September and we look forward to analyzing the student driven data as a result of the MAP assessment. A letter from our superintendent, Dr. Robert Lockwood, introducing the MAP assessment was mailed to all families and my letter introducing MAP to our school community was sent last Friday afternoon via Constant Contact. Please make every effort to look at all the information posted on the web site. Plenty of sleep the night before testing and a hearty meal the morning of are highly recommended. Although we hope to have 100% attendance, we are aware of unexpected illness. If your child misses an assessment day, we will inform you of the make up date.

There will not be homework projects assigned the night before testing days. However, studying for quizzes that the students have known about (upper grades) and/or reading (all grades) is not considered rigorous homework.


HIGH SCHOOL NIGHT for middle schoolers has been postponed!


Halloween is right around the corner!

Thursday, October 31st.

All students are encourage to come to school dressed in costume. Please refer to teacher newsletters for detailed information regarding costumes.

**After school dismissal will take place as normal. To help stay safe and organized, the office will not honor any early dismissal requests, unless a student leaves school before the parade.

Preschool parade: 4-year old morning preschoolers and transitional kindergarten: 15 minutes after the start of school (8:30 am). Please refer to teacher newsletters for details.

Preschool classroom parties: Last hour of the day.

Elementary parties: scheduled for the latter part of the day for one hour. Please refer to teacher newsletters/notes for details.

Elementary parade: will take place on the side parking lot between the school and Mary Garden. All spectators are invited to stand in the middle of the blacktop allowing classes to parade around the perimeter of the parking lot. The parade will begin at 2:15 pm. After the parade all students are required to come back into school for our all school gathering before beginning our normal dismissal process.


**Please check our school's website for other important dates!

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