Weekly Update

April 2, 2016

KCS Staff,

This week was extremely busy and very rewarding. There were a number of events going on during the school day as well as after school. Compliments were frequent this week, which is always great to hear and important to share with those who have earned them.

Thank you for all you have done to make KCS a great place for all.



This week's schedule:

Tuesday 7:45 - Math 11, MAC Lab

Wednesday 8:45 - Math 3B, MAC Lab

Thursday 8:45 - Reading 4B, MAC Lab

Please have your students bring pencils to Math tests. I will have a bunch available, but would appreciate not having to monitor the pencil situation. Scratch paper will be available in the testing sessions. I have mints for all the students to have during the tests.


Due to our MCA schedule and having students testing during the typical announcement time, I will be recording our announcements and sending the audio to the teachers to play within the classrooms. This way our students and staff will be able to hear what is going on around the school without disrupting those who are in testing sessions.

Although we do not have a group testing on Monday, I will record the audio and send it out as a test. If it doesn't work, I will use the PA system and work out the kinks for Tuesday.

Friday, April 8th - Staff Development

Staff development will start with a pot luck breakfast in the Cafeteria. Breakfast will begin at 7:30 and will lead into the Professional Development sessions at 8:15. Information on the sessions will be listed this week. It will be a great day with a lot of opportunities to learn.

Quarter 3 Grading

Grading is open for the 3rd Quarter on Synergy. Please work with Case Managers prior to submitting grades. The grading window will be open until (and including) April 13th.


Thank you to everyone involved in the planning and execution of Kindergarten Round Up. It started with the Student Council cleaning the area in front of the school to make a great first impression. There were many staff members who gave their time and support to make it a great event. As I reflected on the event, there wasn't a single thing I would change about it. Thank you to all who made it such a great event.

Thank you, Ben Young and Lori Moen for their work in promoting Music In Our Schools Month at KCS. Music plays an important role in a well rounded education and we have a great program to showcase. Well done.