King Pilip

4th- Tia B., Taylor A., Fallon F., and Landry W.


Wampanoag Indian, also named Metacom, son of Massasoit, forged an alliance with other Indians in New England, and launched multiple attacks on Puritan Towns. King Philip’s War slowed English westward march for several decades. The war also lastingly defeated the Native Americans in the New England area.

-Led last effort to drive english settlers out of souther New England

- Present day Wampanoags joined with Nipmucks, Pocumtucks, and Narragansetts in the 14 month bloody uprising

- The Indians had become increasingly dependent on English goods, food, and weapons, and their bargaining set up became weaker and weaker as the fur trade dried up, lands were sold, and tribal leaders were forced by the colonists to recognize English sovereignty.

After king Philip was captured and killed, tribal Indian life in southern New England was virtually exterminated. The war was costly in people and money.


Definition of integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

King Philip, also known as Metacomet, was known for his integrity. The colonist were constantly in fear of him possibly trying to take their land or do something violent. But he handled everything he did with dignity and integrity for years. Metacomet tried to handle King Philips War with the same integrity but failed. He couldn't defeat the colonist on his own therefore he turned to some tribal alliances for help. But when even that failed he didn't handle defeat with integrity, instead he took refuge with his family and a few followers and hid out in the great Assowamset Swamp in southern Massachusetts where he was eventually found and shot. This didn't show integrity because he wasn't defeated by fighting the best he could instead he took refuge and hid in the swamps when his people needed him.


Citizenship is defined as the quality of an individual's response to membership in a community. King Philip demonstrated this quality as he lead this tribe. He was loyal to his people and executed strong citizenship during King Philip's War. Occurring in the late 17th century, King Philip worked with tribal alliances to take their land back from the Europeans who had encroached upon it. King Philip displayed his good citizenship throughout this war as he strived to keep the community in tact and free from outside European invaders. Loyal and passionate, Metacomet focused on what was best for his tribe and put everything on the line in the war. He even died for his tribe, eventually being murdered with his body slaughtered and showcased as a trophy to the Europeans. Although he was killed in hiding, showing a lack of bravery, it was because of his stong commitment earlier on in the war. He was not dedicated to his community to the end, but he did display true and noble citizenship at the beginning of the war and generally throughout his life which is why he was named chief and so well respected in this position.