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February 2019

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Bethany Orr, 4th Grade Teacher, Lake Norman Elementary


Nominate a Teacher For Spotlight

If you know of a teacher who is doing some great and innovative things for students, nominate him or her for the Teacher Spotlight.
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GradeCam and GradeCam Go! allows teachers to print scan sheets and then scan multiple choice assignments for quick results. While there is a Plus, paid plan, the Free version allows teachers to print scan sheets, scan from any computer, phone, mobile device, or document camera, and provides basic item analysis.


Teacher made video on using GradeCam

Tutorials to get started using Gradecam Go! like a pro.

Sign-up for GradeCam Tip Tuesday

@coolcatteacher blog post on Gradecam and Assessment

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We are excited to say that we have had over 60 teachers districtwide complete the Apple Teacher Program and received their certification! Some have chosen the MacBook path, some the iPad path, and some have rocked out BOTH! This program guides you through how to use the apps that come with the MacBook or iPad, including lesson ideas, how to improve your productivity and how to create amazing products.

Once you have completed the Apple Teacher program, please send your certification badge report to jparker@iss.k12.nc.us. We will generate you a certificate indicating you earned 1.6 Digital Learning Credits for completing each path which you can then upload into TimeKeeper to receive your CEUs. You’ll also receive a banner and badge (Like the one above) you can proudly display outside your classroom where you can add more professional learning badges as we roll out more online PD.

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Canvas Play of the Month

This month we are starting a new Canvas spotlight feature, the Canvas Play of the Month.

Do you got Canvas play?

Each month, teachers & admin will be featured and awarded a badge for creating engaging and interactive content in Canvas for students and faculty that promote learning & professional practice.

You got Canvas Play if you have created interactive content (videos, digital tools, 3rd party apps) and assessments in Canvas. A Canvas Play can be . . .

  • A Canvas Module
  • A Canvas Page
  • A Canvas Quiz
  • A Canvas Assignment
  • A Canvas Discussion

Be recognized for your Canvas Play and earn a badge. Submit the Canvas Play of the Month form with the details for your Canvas Play. You could be featured in next month's e-Digest.

This month's Canvas Play of the Month comes from Katy Patterson, English Teacher at Crossroads

Things Fall Apart Conflict Discussion Assignment with Rubric.

Notice how Katy provided instructional details for the assignment, built a rubric using ELA outcomes to assess students knowledge and application, and set the assignment details to be submitted as text only or a file upload.

Great work Katy.

Did You Know?

In the February, Canvas released an update that will you be interested in knowing about. Read this update and think about ways that it can impact your learning environment positively.

Quizzes.Next--Additional Result Restriction Settings: Instructors can manage additional settings when the Restrict Student Result View option is selected. Student result settings include displaying total points awarded, total points possible, and assessment items and questions. The options to show total points awarded and show points possible apply to overall points and individual question points.

When the option to display assessment items and questions is selected, instructors can also manage the option to display student responses and item feedback. When the option to display student responses is enabled, instructors can also manage options to indicate whether answers are correct or incorrect and display correct answers if an incorrect answer was selected.

Open the Quizzes.Next assignment, click Settings at the top, and then toggle Restrict Student Result View. The image below illustrates this setting.

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Continue Your Learning

There are a plethora of ways for you to experiment and color your Canvas learning. Read about the possible avenues to enrich, grow, and extend your knowledge and skills as a Canvas artist.

  1. The Canvas of Things: Come and join with other NC Educators who are using Canvas to improve student learning. This conference is FREE and will give you opportunity to earn .5 (if your attend) and 1.0 (if you present) DLC credit. Share. Connect. Grow on April 13th from 9:00-3:00 at the Professional Development Center of Union County Schools. Register by going to this SMORE.

  2. Canvas Palooza: There are two options. Explore the Virtual and F2F dates, topics, times, and locations. Register in Time Keeper for the virtual sessions (#508) and the Face-to-Face sessions (#506). Earn CEUs.

  3. Growing with Canvas: Interested in building your capacity in Canvas and becoming a Canvas ninja? Then you can self-enroll in the Growing with Canvas professional learning experience. This learning experience is self--paced and along the ay you will submit activities and earn seven total badges. At the conclusion of Growing with Canvas, you can request a certificate of participation for 1.2 CEUs which can be used for DLC credit.

  4. Canvas Live: Canvas Live is a portal of online learning searchable by categories (lower right) such as student engagement, content design, and Assessment & Grading.

Canvas, Digital Learning Competencies, & SAMR

In every issue of the DTL e-Digest, our goal is to dive deep into the Digital Learning Competencies--either as a whole or a specific competency. How does Canvas allow teachers and administrators to align and apply to the Digital Learning Competencies and SAMR? What features in Canvas allow you and your students to illustrate the DLCs and SAMR?

Digital Learning Competencies:

To review, here are the DLCs for Teachers & Administrators. Read the complete list of DLCs and what Canvas features supports that competencies.

DLC 1 (Leadership in Digital Learning) b: Take initiative with own professional growth to inform practice.

How does Canvas promote 1b?

  1. Canvas Community: The community is a great place to learn and share. Sign-in with our iss.instructure.com account, choice a group to following: K-12, Engagement. Find answers to any question, find innovative solutions, and Canvas hacks.

  2. Continue your Learning: Explore the myriad of ways above that you can continue your learning through Canvas to help support your professional learning and growth.

SAMR (Substitutions, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition)

If you want to review what SAMR is with some examples, check out this image.

SAMR Rubric applied to Canvas Feature -- For Administrators

SAMR Rubric applied to Canvas Feature - For Teachers

Check out the Leadership in Digital Learning competency (image below) as it flows through SAMR.

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Canvas Tip of the Week

I hope you are reading and applying the Canvas Tips of the Week. Each week (Monday-Wednesday), you and your students can explore the Canvas tip for that week. Please encourage your students to read and apply the tip. These tips will help with Canvas productivity. And, be sure not to hit the X until you are confident that you have read, understand, and can apply the tip. Hitting the X closes out the tip and cannot be retrieved.

Here are the archives of the Canvas Tips of the Week:



Got a tip, suggestion, hack, solution. Share it with us. We will feature it an upcoming Tip of the Week and for each tip, you will receive your Canvas Tipper badge.

Tell us your Tip Story.

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Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons

How well do you know copyright? Let's have some fun.

Take this short Copyright quiz. After you make your selection, click the Submit button to receive some immediate feedback.

Here are some other copyright quizzes that you might find enjoyable.

Share these quizzes with your colleagues during PLC time. Test your copyright chops. Have discussions about each question item and the answers associate with each. Where do you see in your instruction and work with students where you are providing digital media that is copyright friendly?

How does copyright, fair use, and the creative commons align to Digital Learning Competencies?

Digital Citizenship illustrates that teachers will model and teach digital citizenship by the ethical, respectful, and safe use of digital tools and resources that support the creation of a positive digital school culture. Check out this indicator to help you demonstrate this competency:

Demonstrate understanding of intellectual property rights by abiding by copyright law, intellectual property, and fair use guidelines. Working through the above assessments will help begin the framework for your understanding about copyright, fair use, and intellectual property. Responding and then checking for feedback helps you determine where your gaps are. How can you model open, genuine, and proper practices for using digital media aptly: website, graphics, videos, and other course content. Have a dialogue with your colleagues about the questions that you did not answer correctly? Look at each others use of digital media? What do you see are the strengths? Where are the opportunities to grow?

Bookmark this Livebinder of resources. It provides a wealth of topics, ideas, and strategies to help shore up your understanding and application of copyright law and fair use guidelines.

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Forget the Pecking Order at Work

Management expert Margaret Heffernan argues that working together, asking questions, and helping others is the key to the most successful and productive workplace. These are lessons educators of varying experience can bring into their workplace to help create the best learning experience for their students.
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Think. 2019

Rowan-Salisbury Schools is excited to announce think. 2019 on July 30th and 31st at the Wallace Forum in Salisbury, NC.

This summer summit will have sessions on the NC digital learning competencies, mastery-based grading, innovative restorative practices, coding, blended and personalized learning, digital breakouts and so much more. Your ticket to think. will get you a reserved seat for the summit and an opportunity to hear our keynote speakers, time to think about your educational practice and a special dinner that night along with your entrance to our Shark Tank event. This 2-day event will begin at 8am each day at the Wallace Forum. Innovative sessions will be delivered by Rowan-Salisbury staff/teachers as well as outside presenters. There will be opportunities for business tours, panel discussions, books slams, and hack smackdowns.

There are only have 50 tickets available for North Carolina teachers so get them fast. Rowan-Salisbury sold out of internal tickets in less than 24 hours. Documentation of attendance will be offered for attendees, but they must meet all requirements in their LEA for prior approval and/or submission of appropriate documentation to receive credit toward CEUs. It will also

Reserve your ticket now before they are gone using EventBrite link below. There are only 50 spots available for North Carolina teachers/staff. Please see attached flyer.


Come THINK with us,

Other Learning & Growing Opportunties

  1. Friday Institute MOOCeds: Massive Open Online Courses are offered by the Friday Institute. These free courses allow educators to learn on a variety of topics. These courses are self-paced and will award contact and participation hours for CEUs. There are ten courses to choose from.

  2. Microcredentials with the Digital Promise: Get started exploring and learning. There are a variety of Microcredentials to choose from. Learn. Grow. Share with Digital Promise.

  3. Canvas.Net: Canvas.Net is a catalog of professional learning covering a wide range of topics (content and curriculum, blended learning, to languages). Teachers and Administrators can search the entire catalog.
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Happiness is a Snow Day