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Staying Connected While Apart

May 15, 2020 Note From the Pastors:

Aloha Salvation Army Gresham Family,

Did you know that last week during Operation Share Hope 4,353 individuals were served?

Lloyd Center - 261 boxes - 808 individuals served

East Hill - 520 boxes - 1,786 individuals served

Clackamas - 512 boxes - 1,759 people served

4,353 individuals served during the first week of Operation Share Hope.

We ask that you prayerfully seek how you can help support the work of your church through tithing, planting hope and donating, and volunteering. It all helps.

Captains Celestine and Shoshannah Ruwethin

Plant hope here


Stay Connected

Please keep your information updated. This will remain confidential. Update My Info

Thank you for being you!

Last week was such a blessing! Our Corps Sargent Major, Lorrie Davis, helped us visit most of our teen group at Barberry Apartments. We didn't have apartment numbers in our corps directory and we haven't been very successful in getting in touch through email, text, or calls. So, we brought chocolate and letters to say that they're missed. We spoke with the majority of them face to face and told them hugs are coming soon. Then on Mother's Day, we had a drive by gift and visitation time in the parking lot. It was so fun talking to people face to face and letting them leave with a little treat! We are so thankful that Major Anya Henderson preached as well.

Officer Moves

See all of the officer moves for the Western Territory. Please keep them in prayer as they transition to new ministries this summer. Officer Moves

Commissioning Lobby Deadline

Friday, May 22nd, 9pm

This is an online event.

One of the joys of Commissioning every year is the excitement of fellowship that is found in the Lobby of the venue. Salvationists love meeting up with each other, sharing words of affirmation, celebration and prayer with one another. This is something that easily could be missed this year due to our inability to meet together.

This year a virtual lobby will be created. With this in mind, they would like as many Salvationists to send in short 10-15 second video clips of themselves giving a greeting. We can send greetings to Cadet Melissa McQuade or any other person. It can be a word of hope, a scripture, a praise, a prayer…a simple God Bless The Salvation Army.

Their preference is portrait and the videos should be placed in the following folder BY May 22.

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