The War To End All Wars

World War I

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Allied Leader (Woodrow Wilson)

Woodrow Wilson was the president of the US during World War I. Although he didn't join the allied powers until three years after the war had started, he sent food and supplies to those who were fighting. He launched and supported campaigns about American familes saving food in order to feed the military. Joining the war helped the allies win.
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Central Leader (Kaiser Wilhelm II)

Kaiser WIlhelm II was the emperor of Germany during WWI. Wilhelm was an overtly militaristic man, and believed fervently in increasing the strength of Germany's armed forces. In particular he was keen to develop a German navy the equal of Britain's Royal Navy. Wilhelm operated as commander and chief of the German military. However, he simply acted a figurehead. In 1918, he almost won the war for Germany but the Allies victored.
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Propaganda Posters of WWI

1. Uncle Sam persuades men to join the army and fight for their country.

2. This poster shows a young soldier going across the sea to fight and persuades many people to do so.

3. This tells people to save their food so it can be donated to the people fighting in the war. It made people believe that they could do something to help

"Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assassinated"

"US Joins The War to End All Wars"

"Treaty of Versailles-signed by Germany as they except defeat"