Great Eduaction in the 21st Century

Professor Guy Claxton - he says it so well.

Education is what societies provide for their young people to help them get ready to make the most of the world they are going to find themselves in.

We want them to be able to

• make a living in a way that is fulfilling, enjoyable and responsible.

• use their leisure productively: to have fun in a way that does not harm other people or the common resources of locality or planet.

• make successful relationships, to be good parents, to be capable of being and disposed to be, loving and kind.

We would like them to

• be naturally respectful of people of different beliefs, faiths and persuasions, especially those who are less fortunate.

• feel able to take part in the public life of their community and nation.

• have clear values and principles, and to live by them.

• live, as much as they can, without fear or insecurity.

• be happy.

Do You Agree???

Someone on the net posted this - is it really like this?

20th Century - 21st Century

• Curriculum • Projects

• Time-Slotted • On-Demand

• One-size-fits-all • Personalised

• Competitive • Collaborative

• Classroom • Global Community

• Text-based • Web Based

• Summative Tests • Formal Evaluations

• Learning for School • Learning for Life

A few more from Guy Claxton

• For the vast majority of young people on the planet (and many of their parents), the world is confusing, complicated and rapidly changing – and likely to get more so over their lifetime.

• The only sensible role for education is to get them ready, as much as it can, to cope with the complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity that this challenge entails.

• We should be helping them to develop supple and nimble minds, so that they will be able to learn whatever they need to.

Doug Ross - Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training in the US Department of Labor.

The new poor and marginal in the societies of the developed world will be those who cannot or will not engage in lifelong learning.

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21st Century Learning
RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

How do you help your students connect with their roles and responsibilities in the broader society?

PBL - teaching them the values that will enable them to become a worthwhile memebr of society.

Resilience/Risk taking/Perseverance - providing opportunites for independent learning that requires them to take risks, learn from their mistakes and become resourceful.