Something Im scared of

Soo Cho

When I was a kid I was afraid of everything and I’m still am. The scariest thing that I was kid was the dark. I hate the dark. The dark is something that you can’t see everything that’s why I use lamp/nightlight. Dark is the scariest thing that I could ever see that’s scary. The reason why I hate the dark is because I’m scared of the ghost. When someone hit the light, I’m screamed. Dark can everything you can’t see. That’s why I used the light to see everything. I’m also scared watching scary movies and I can’t watch scary movie. I also get nightmares. The more I watch scary movies, the more I scared I get. If I watch scary movies, I automatically leave the room. Oh yeah, clowns are scary too. So clowns that I can’t imagine that. Clowns just have scary makeup. That’s why I don’t go circus. Let me start with bugs, insects, and etc. I hate things that are crawling on me or buzzing. Why does bugs need to exist. Bugs make me want run across the room and just want to kill it. I hate bugs! It should ever been existed. I have stage fright sometimes. It’s hard for me to sing or present in front of people. So everyone said that I’m scared that everything. I’m not scared of everything. At least, I like food and stuff.