Horse Care

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Horse Exercise

It is vital to exercise your horse. If a horse is left in a stall all day then you will need to exercise him or her constantly. If you exercise your horse on a cold day for a long time then you will need to rub your hands on his or her ears all you do is start at the bottom of his or her ear and rub all the way to the top you will need to do that a few times on each ear. If a horse is left alone for along time it will get lonely but he or she will

enjoy the company of cats or dogs and other farm animals.

Horse Bathing

If you do not dry off a horse really well then he or she will get really cold. Do not wash your horse on a cold day. If you must wash your horse on a cold day then make sure to dry him off well and put a blanket on him or her. If your horse is kept in a stall all day it will need bathing daily. When cleaning your horses tail you must get a bucket of water and put your horses tail in it then use your hand that you are not using to lift up the bucket to get all the dirt out of your horses tail. It is very important that you don't wash your horse every day because your horse has oil on his or her coat and it keeps them warm.

Horse Needs

Your horse will need a constant source of water. A lake should not be used to give your horse water because the water has germs in it and trust me your horse will get sick. You should feed your horse little and often. Make sure you clean out your horses barn often or your horse will get sick.

Horse Health

Your horses nose should be dry if it is not then chances are your horse

is sick. You should always hide your horses medicine in its food. Your horse should be vaccinated.

Horses Home

Your horses fencing should never be barbwire. Wood fencing is good but is a lot of money if you are on a budget. Before pasturing your horse you will need to make sure there is no poisonous flowers or plants. Your pasture will require shelter for your horse on cold windy days. Though there is no acre requirement your horse should have at least one to two acres to run around and so you can ride it. If there is holes in the ground or ditches then you should either fill it,block it off from your horse or not ride him or her by it.
GCSE Horse Riding Video - Level 10 (A*)