James Moroka

By: Lauren Phelps


James Moroka was born March 16, 1892. He went to school in Cape Town, until after high school he left for Scotland for Medical School. Moroka excelled at the University of Edinburgh medical school, and after worked at a practice in England. He was offered a partnership, but returned to his native land in South Africa instead. James Moroka opened a practice in Thaba Nchu that became very successful and visited by blacks and whites.

During his practice Moroka began his part in the Anti-Apartheid movement. He Started off as a member of the AAC, his support changed to the ANC in 1942. Moroka and many others were apart of the committee that created the African Claims and began writing the Bill of Rights that discussed the problems in Africa . He was later elected President-General of the ANC. Under his rules the ANC became a more militant organization, and began to think of the right ways of protest. He was a major part in many of the large protest that occurred and attracted global attention. Moroka was also one of the main people involved in the Defiance Campaign that was the start of the end of Apartheid.
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Former ANC President James Moroka memorial lecture


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