Marcus Bogert

A Colonial Peddler

A Little About Me!

Good morrow, my name is Marcus Bogert, I am from the Delaware colony. I am married to a beautiful woman and her name is Angela Bogert. I live with my wife and three sons. My children’s names are Zach, Michael, and Joseph. I am 35 years old. My wife is also 35. I am friends with Ryan Livingston and we work together. I live in a 2 room house with an attic and a keeping room that’s where my wife and I sleep. I go to the meeting room every Sunday with my whole family. I wear a horse hair wig. My son got in trouble in school and had to wear wooden whispers in his mouth. I am related to Eric Campbell he is my cousin. I was putting wood in the fire place.

I am a colonial peddler. I sell musket balls, dishes, books, and candle sticks. I make pots, pans, pins, ribbons, bows, needles, combs and other small things. My job provides a goods and services to people. I make things that are useful. To become a Peddler you have to know your way around, be willing to work very hard and avoid attacks by wild animals.

The tools that I make and sell can be used in many ways. I used axes to cut wood, rafts to move goods across the river, a sack and trunks to carry my goods.