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This is our plan to return to Most Holy Trinity during the 2020-2021 School Year. We call on everyone to follow it in order to provide a healthy and safe environment in our school.

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Students Return September 8th

We will begin Face to Face instruction September 8th. We will also continue to offer Virtual instruction for those parents who want to keep their children home.

September 8-11 will be a Hybrid Week

Our first week back will be a Hybrid week. We will need to teach procedures to all students in regards to entering the building, exiting the building, washing hands, getting lunches etc.
  • All students who are choosing to remain virtual may do so.
  • All students who indicated on the survey that they wanted to receive face to face or hybrid instruction will be divided into two groups
  • Group "A" will attend Tuesday and Wednesday; Group "B" will attend Thursday and Friday.
  • Families will be grouped together for their convenience.
  • If you indicated on the survey that your child would receive virtual instruction and you now wish to send them, please let me know so we can include them in a group.

Beginning September 14th ...

  • All students who chose Face to Face instruction will begin full week instruction September 14th
  • Students who chose virtual instruction may continue to do so.
  • Students who chose hybrid instruction will be assigned days to come.
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Closed Classes

One thing we want to avoid is having more students than seats available. We have determined with the help of space calculators provided through the state private schools association that we can fit a maximum of 12 students in a classroom, up from the previous 10 we had estimated earlier this year.

Knowing this we have closed the following classes:

  • 1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade
  • 5th grade
  • 7th Grade
  • 8A (8th Grade has 2 sections, A and "B")
Third Grade has 21 students. Ms. Dylane Duran has been assigned as a teacher's aide to help with 3rd Grade. If Third Grade has more than 12 students attend face to face the students will be divided into 2 rooms. Mrs. Cepeda will rotate between rooms to provide instruction; Ms Duran will monitor student work in the other room.

We will accept new students until we have reached a capacity of 12 (10 in 8th grade) Once we have reached capacity in a class it will be closed. . If we have a big demand for more students we will look at hiring an aide to assist the teacher at a particular grade level to assist the teacher.

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Holy Family picture donated by Mr. Edgar Lopez

Student Needs

  • Students will need a mask, their own school supplies, and a water bottle
  • Students will not be allowed to class without a mask
  • Students will not be allowed to borrow school supplies from classmates
  • Water fountains will be shut off. Students must bring water from home. We will provide refill stations using 5-gallon jugs.


  • On the first day of school, we will provide instruction to students on appropriate hygiene practices. This instruction will be reinforced and repeated throughout the pandemic.

  • All student shot records must be up to date.

  • Any student showing signs of illness will have their temperature taken in the office, and students with a temperature above 99.5 degrees or showing any respiratory symptoms will be isolated and sent home.
  • In the past children waited in the office for their parents to pick them up. We will not be able to do this anymore. Children will be kept in a designated waiting area.
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Entering the building

  • For the safety of your children when parents bring their children to school they should use the drop off area and remain in their cars; we will ask for symptoms and also ask if the student has had any contact with anyone with COVID-19. We will then take their temperatures. Students with a temperature above 99.5 degrees or showing any respiratory symptoms will be sent home.
  • There will be 2 entrances for students on the sides of the building, one for lower grades and one for upper grades. When students enter they will then be directed to wash their hands and proceed to class.
  • In the event that parents need to come to school, only one (1) parent will be allowed to accompany their child into the building
  • All students, staff and anyone who enters the building will be required to wear a mask. This will be enforced.
  • Anyone who is ill must stay home. Everybody this includes all staff and children.
  • Parents with ill children must call the office to report it. If they have COVID-19 symptoms we must be informed.

Traffic flow
  • Traffic Flow signs will be used where needed
  • School entrances will be two side doors for students, front door for staff and visitors
  • School exit will be the back door

During the Day

  • We will have scheduled rest room breaks and hand washing breaks during the day. The amount of these breaks will be based on CDC recommendations.
  • We will teach handwashing to all students. We may need to use a hand washing song with our younger children to help them understand the time.
  • The number of students in the restroom will equal the number of sinks in the restrooms. Students who need the restroom at other times will be considered case by case
  • Students will always remain with their classmates. Students will not be allowed to visit other classrooms.
  • Students will not share spaces, supplies, or work in groups.


  • Desks will be spaced to comply with social distancing requirements
  • Rooms will be equipped with hand sanitizer and thermometers.
  • Students will have their own area to work in.
  • Student belongings, including supplies, backpacks and jackets, will be kept separate.
  • Middle School Students will not be changing classes; teachers will rotate to them instead to minimize movement in the hallway.


  • Our students will pick up lunch in the cafeteria and eat in their classrooms.
  • In the past parents could have lunch with their children; we will not allow this until a later date. We look forward to the day when this restriction can be eased

Physical Education and Activity

  • We will plan PE activities and student breaks that will allow students time to move while practicing social distancing. PE may be in shorter shifts and /or smaller groups.
  • Students will not change clothes for physical education classes until we have clearance to do so.
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The Library

Personal Belongings

  • All students must have a mask
  • Children and staff to wash hands before and after visiting library
  • Table with hand sanitizer to be at front door
  • No personal bags or coats to be brought into library (only pencils and paper per teacher request).

Checking out books and returning books

  • Book drop box will be at front door when students come in.
  • Books returned will be held for 72 hours before being put back on shelf.
  • Storage space will be provided for books waiting to be re-shelfed
  • Floor will be marked for social distancing to check out books
  • Library card will be handled only by librarian

Class Visits

  • No more than a single group to be allowed in the library at once
  • Children to have teacher with them to make sure of social distancing
  • A/R testing will be done on a day when librarian will go to class and select students who are taking an A/R test

Library Cleaning
  • Keyboards and monitors to be cleaned every day and between classes
  • When library is closed, will have to continue cleaning of all surfaces by custodian

Ending the School Day

We will have a pickup area at the end of the day. As you drive up we will call for your children.

Student pickup times will be staggered.

  • 2:45 PK, Kindergarten and 1st grade
  • 3:00 second, third, fourth and fifth Grades
  • 3:15 sixth, seventh and eighth Grades

Students with siblings will be picked up at the time the oldest sibling is ready to be picked up

Everyone should remain in their cars; your children will be brought to you

After Care

Aftercare will be provided.

  • Social distancing will be taught and reinforced
  • Each student will have a designated area.
  • Each student will have their own supplies.
  • Children will have time for homework
  • We will provide play activity
  • Playground- will be sanitized and monitored for social distancing.
  • Snacks will be served; sharing of snacks will not be allowed
  • We will provide videos later in the day.
  • Parents will pick up children at the door.
  • Our children will wait with their teachers until 3:30 in order to lessen the load in aftercare.
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Cross donated by Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ledesma.

Questions, comments and suggestions can be addressed to Mr. Jim Horan, school principal

phone:915-751-2566 or email

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