Music History Tour The Netherlands

by: Franziska Kalkman


Hello i'm Franziska Kalkman and i'm your tour guide

Were gonna have lots of fun. We are going to museums and places were old music composers have lived or have been, as example Okeghem, Lassus and Sweelinck. I'm going to tell you all about them on the tour. This tour is gonna take us 6 days, plus one day of traveling. We are staying at hotels. We are traveling by bus to every place. We stay in every hotel we stay two nights and second day is a day trip to another village.

Saint-Ghislain and Lille

We are going to Saint- Ghislain that’s is in Belgium in the province of Hainaut. Ockeghem was born there. Where going on a walk tour there. Where staying there for 2 nights. where going to the hotel Notre Dame. The seconde day we visited Lille, Ockeghem moved there. In Lille we are going to visit the fortification, as example the Citadel


The second location we are going is Mons in the country of Hainaut. Lassus was born there. We are staying two night in the hotel Le Monte Chriso. That night we are going to eat at Copenhagen Tavern, it's recommended by the locals. The next we visit the Royal Conservatory.

Deventer and Amsterdam

The third location is Deventer in the county of Overijsel. Sweelinck was born there. the first day we are going to the historic museum of Deventer. That night we are staying at the postillion hotel Deventer. The next day we are going to Amsterdam to visit the museum Geelvick hindlopen huis, they have a collection of Sweelick's instruments.