Pan-Boo Party-Klan

Oscar Godoy, Erik Santamaria, Kate Nguyen, Ivette Jimenez

"If Pandas can have three races united, why is the U.S. divided?"

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NSA Surveillance

It is a major issue facing the US today because a vast majority of Americans today feel it violates the constitution, yet some feel it is necessary for national security.

We believe that the US should keep the NSA, however we do not think it should have the liberties and rights it has today. For example, they should only be restricted on the data they collect from citizens. When it comes to watching the citizens, they should only watch and investigate people with a warrant with probable cause. In addition, people on the “no-fly” list should not be given any liberties or restrictions in their benefit.


Immigration has always been a concern in the United States and it still is today in 2016. This is why our party has made it a priority to attack problems involving this issue in hope of improving the tension this issue brings about and ultimately find a resolution to both sides afflicted.

With the millions of immigrants already here, we have built a workforce and better economy by allowing them to take jobs no one wants, ultimately filling in our economy. But even with these immigrants here, we still have jobs to fill as not only do we fill them with the current immigrants but because of that we create more jobs in a never ending cycle. Along with this, if the immigration were no longer enforced we could allow them to claim residency and have more troops in our army strengthening America as a whole.

Gun Control

More recently in 2015 and 2016, the U.S has had a split decision on whether or not controlling guns would be a violation of the second amendment.

We want to allow all United States the right to their second amendment. However, we believe that with the tragedies that have happened more recently, it is reasonable to have some type of control on guns. For example, whether one is a united states citizen or not, no one who is considered mentally ill by the guidelines of the United States should be allowed to purchase or own a gun. Another thing we would implicate is a screening and background check on all people who want to buy guns. Should they have committed a very dramatic murder, they would also not be allowed to buy guns.