Waduhhup High Heels For Sells

Put on some Styling Heels yoo!!(;

Marissa Martinez 3rd period

Best Heels Sold!!

These heels are sparkly and very gorgeous!! They are some what kind of high, but once you wear them alot you will get use to them!!/.^

Popular High Heels Sold!!!

Pink Sparkly High Heels!

These heels are pretty and VERY shinny and very pink!!!(: They are kind of high but if you know how to walk in high heels, you will be okay!!>.^

Red High Heels!

Pretty red heels with bow and sparkly diamonds! Makes your legs pretty and makes it look like you have long legs!!

More about these heels!

They are expencive heels but their on sells so their not as expencive. Come and get your favorite heels that you've been waiting on. You will be SOOO surprised once you see how much they've gone down in price.


Monday, June 17th 2013 at 10am-3pm

Waduhhup High Heels Shoe Store

Come on in and get as many heels as you want for less than the original price. Get 4 pairs for $20.00.