The Fault In Our Stars

by John Green

Morgan Luckie


A girl who has cancer goes to a support group and meets a boy that only has one leg and has cancer, too. They go on a few dates and they eventually find feelings for each other. Augustus, the boy, takes Hazel, the girl, to Amsterdam to meet the author of her favorite book, and he turns out to be a horrible man and is very rude to the both of them. Despite that part of their trip being ruined, they go on a very romantic date. When they get back, they spend practically every day together. Augustus went to the store one night while he was literally almost about to die, so that he could buy cigarette's one last time, and then he pulled a cord and called Hazel; Hazel then called 9-1-1, and he went to hospital for quite a while. She received a call late one night from Augustus' mom, and from right then she knew he had passed away. She broke down, and she concluded with saying towards Augustus, "You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I'm grateful."

Guaranteed to shed a tear.


What I, personally, liked about the book was that it was just an ordinary love story about two people who had a very had life. Also, I liked that it kind of made you have a different outlook or perspective on life, and how you take things.

What I did not like about the book was that the ending was anticlimactic. Although, I guess that is what the author was meaning to do.

I would definitely recommend it to other readers, such as teens. I would probably not recommend it for young readers such as elementary students because of the language that is produced during it, but I would completely recommend it to seventh graders and up.