Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials

By: Marcelo


Minho: Keeper of runners in the glade

Teresa Agnes: Thoma`s best friend before the glade

Newt: An english boy

Thomas: main character

Aris Jones: He can speak telepathically with Thomas and Teresa

Sonya: she was a leader in the last novel

Jorge: Leader of the cranks


After confronting all challenges and monsters from the maze Thomas and his friends think that they have no more danger after escaping the maze to a new reality, but in this new reality there are cannibals called cranks they were infected by a disease called flare which is led by a man named Jorge, the organization that is trying to make a cure for this is called WICKED. Thomas and his friends have to pass through challenges such as survive in deserts and snow biomes which cranks can appear at any moment and they still need to be loyal and trust each other.


Friendship was the main theme because people need to be loyal, they need affection, and compassion for each other.

Point of View

James Dashner made both Maze Runner novels mainly to see how the main character is feeling, Thomas.


The main settings from the novel were the city, the desert, snow biome and the dormitory.