Ethiopian Shabbat

Brought to you by Nazareth Hillel

Friday, March 25th, 7pm

GAC #375 and CFS Community Room #151

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Naz Hillel (our Jewish community on campus) invites all students, faculty and staff to attend this unique and unprecedented event.

Jews had lived in Ethiopia & Abyssinia for centuries, developing unique cultural and spiritual traditions. In the 1970's, civil, regional, and religious wars in the Horn of Africa threatened their extinction, and Israel secretly airlifted nearly 100,000 Jews of Color, many of whom had never seen plumbing or electricity, to a new life of religious, political, and economic freedom.

To many, this was their very own Exodus, their epic liberation from years of oppression.

While it has been challenging, the community has nonetheless thrived and become integral to the diversity of the Jewish State.

Please join us as we taste Ethiopian foods, listen to music of Beta Yisrael, and learn about the cultural, economic, and logistical challenges that a country of 3.5 million had to overcome, absorbing 2.5% of its population in refugees, lessons that are as relevant today as ever before.

Please RSVP below by Wednesday, March 23rd.