Amerigo Vespucci

Italian explorer

Amerigo Vespucci


  • BORN: March 9, 1454

  • Birth Place: Florence, Italy

  • DIED: February 22, 1512

  • Death Place: Seville, Spain

  • Nationality: Italian

1st Voyage

May 10, 1497

Amerigo Vespucci sailed on his first voyage on May 10, 1497. He sailed to the mainland of Central America from Cadiz. He founded Venezuela one year before Christopher Columbus during this voyage. Amerigo returned home in Cadiz in October 1498.

2nd Voyage

May 1499

Amerigo Vespucci sailed under the Spanish flag to the coast of today's Guyana, as a navigator under the command of Alonzo de Ojeda. During this voyage, Vespucci was said to have left Ojeda to travel and explore the coast of Brazil and to have found the Amazon River and Cape St. Augustine.

3rd Voyage

May 14, 1501

Amerigo's third voyage was considered his most successful voyage. He set sail for Cape Verde, this time for King Manuel 1 of Portugal. Although he did not start his voyage as commander, he was asked by Portugal officials to take over. His ships sailed Cape Sao Roque to the coast of South America to Patagonia. Vespucci discovered Rio de Janero and Rio de la Plata. Then amerigo's ships sailed back via Sierra Leone and the Azores. From , it reads, "Believing he had discovered a new continent, in a letter to Florence, Vespucci called South America the New World. His claim was largely based on Christopher Columbus' earlier conclusion: In 1498, when passing the mouth of the Orinoco River, Columbus had determined that such a big outpouring of fresh water must come from land "of continental proportions." Vespucci decided to start recording his accomplishments, writing that accounts of his voyages would allow him to leave "some fame behind me after I die."

How he Died

February 22, 1512

Amerigo Vespucci died because of the disease malaria. he died at age 57 but very close to 58 years old.

Why is he Famous?

Vespucci had noticed that the land he had explored wasn't Asia but a different continent, as he and many other people thought at the time. The continents North and South America were named after Amerigo Vespucci.
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Which explorer would have influenced you to want to immigrate from Europe to the area they explored? Use evidence about the explorer to support your reason.

Amerigo Vespucci discovered America which is also why our continent is called America. I would have migrated from Europe to America because it would be an opportunity to start over with a new life on a new land with new hope.
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