One day in the alpine tundra

By Jean Craighead Grorge


The boy is out in the alpine all by his self and he has animals all over by his tent. It takes place in the alpine. Thew animals get used to out there so they are nice to the little boy. He did not think the animals where going to be nice to him so he was scared.

Ricing action

The little boy is all by his self he got lost in the woods. He started walking to try to find his house.


He is finding his way because he knows where he is now.

Falling action

He found his house and the parents where so happy that he found his way home.


They did a lot of stuff with the little boy and they were so happy.


My life and Little Boy's life are alike because we both like to go in the woods and we both like animals. he likes was shocked when he seen all the animals and I was the first time I went hunting.He always wanted to go hunting and I did when I was little to. I always wanted to shoot a elk and so did he.

One day in the alpine tundra

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