Time Traveler Story

Cassius Peprah and Sayed Tore

13 Billion Years ago

We had trouble going to this time stream because the energy released by the explosion was so large. We almost went blind!

13 Billion Years ago-We saw the first hydrogen Atoms form

5 Billion Years ago- We saw our sun as a supernova and it was awesome

4.64 Billion Years ago- We saw a giant molten rock and realized that it was earth in its first form.

4.46 Billion Years ago- We watched in horror as our newly developed planet was attacked by another one. The rubble formed into the moon.

3.68 Billion Years ago- We studied the first cells in this time.

3.52 Billion Years ago- We noticed that the waters of Earth were now injected with oxygen meaning that fish could live in it.

2.36 Billion Years ago- We could finally breathe outside of the machine because oxygen now filled the air.

2.09 Billion Years ago- We saw the first nucleus here.

5.35 Million Years ago- We saw so many life forms in this time because of the Cambrian explosion. Following that, many species became extinct.

196 thousand years ago- We said hi to the first humans, but they attacked us.

167 thousand years ago- THe humans were now wearing clothes. (Thank goodness)

5.03 thousand years ago- We saw the ancient egyptians carve heiroglyphics.

Recent times- We watched Einstein come up with his bogus theory and a lot of other inventions. We had fun, but it was time to go back to the future.